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Making your first Gamemode
Page white text.png Description:You will learn how to make an elementary Gamemode.
link=User:Shen Original Author:Shen
Calendar.png Created:November 26, 2010

Before you start

Before starting to code, you must think about these questions:

What will be the gamemode about? A deathmatch Gamemode.
How many teams will this Gamemode have? There will be none for me.

Creating the folder, and the info file

Now that we have acquired the ideas, we're going to create the base of the Gamemode.
1. Start by creating a folder named "MyGamemode" in the /gamemodes folder.
2. Continue by going inside and creating a text file called "info.txt".

We're not finished yet, we have to fill in the "info" file various informations about the gamemode:

	"name"		"MyGamemode"
	"version"	"1.0"
	"author_name"	"Me"
	"author_email"	"[email protected]"
	"author_url"	""
	"icon"		""
	"info"		"Pwn everyone!"
	"hide"		""

Now, we may start the coding..


Here, we are, the core of the Gamemode.
You may create a "gamemode" folder and 3 files inside:


No matter what, these files should ALWAYS BE here.
Now, your Gamemode folder should look like this:


What we want to do is a simple gamemode, with no complex stuff: no HUD, only weapons.
Let's put the following in the cl_init.lua script.

include( 'shared.lua' )

What's this? It's a command to include the shared.lua. Much more like to use its functions.
If you learned to make a HUD in any other tutorial, then you may put a code here.
Now, we may start working on init.lua: THE core of the Gamemode.

AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" )
AddCSLuaFile( "cl_init.lua" )
include( 'shared.lua' )

Well, I've already explained what's include, but what is AddCSLuaFile? This very useful function serves to make the client download this script, so he can also use it. Now, append the following in the init.lua script:

function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )
    pl:Give( "weapon_pistol" )
    pl:Give( "weapon_smg1" )
    pl:Give( "weapon_crowbar" )
    pl:GiveAmmo( 999, "pistol" )
    pl:GiveAmmo( 999, "smg1" )

Wow wow, what is this?
This function is executed to decide what the player should get when (s)he spawns: In this case, the player will get:

A pistol with 999 ammo,
A SMG with 999 ammo
and a crowbar!

We can almost say we've finished writing your first Gamemode, but we're not done yet! We have to complete the shared.lua file!

GM.Name 	= "MyGamemode"
GM.Author 	= "Me"
GM.Email 	= "[email protected]"
GM.Website 	= "N/A"

Basically, the 4 first lines are informations about the name of the gamemode and its author.


Congratulations, you made your first Gamemode! You can now create a server with this Gamemode and play with your friends! Have a nice battle!

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