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Welcome to Garry's Mod!

Welcome! So you've bought Gmod, but you need help to get the most out of every feature. Well, you've come to the right place! This page, and this wiki will hopefully help you get a better understanding of Gmod so that you can fully enjoy this amazing game!

Enabling Console

Main page: Console
Image of the console.

Enabling the console opens up all the options to you and allows you to do certain commands. It should be enabled before starting a game.

  1. When on the main menu, click on Options and go to the Keyboard tab.
  2. Click on Advanced.
  3. Check the Enable Console checkbox..

You can open this console by pressing the ~ key found in the top left of the keyboard. Useful commands include kill which slays you, getting you out of glitchy or dangerous places and net_graph which provides information about networking.

The Main Menu

The main menu.

When you start up Gmod, the first thing you'll see is the main menu. I'll go over what each option does.


Main page: Addons

In your Gmod career you'll most likely use addons. Addons add further features to your copy of the game, such as useful tools, NPCs, weapons, vehicles, or construction models. The best place to get addons is

Garry's Mod Folder

The location of the garrysmod folder is as follows: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\ There is a folder in this folder called addons. You will extract your addons here. If you have no addons folder just make one in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\(STEAMUSERNAME)\garrysmod\garrysmod


SVNs are very useful. Basically they are programs that download the latest version of a certain addon, and you can update it regularly from your desktop without checking online for updates all the time. Here are two SVN addons that are very important and how to install them. Also be aware that some SVN's are not in the Gmod Svn links if you do not find it in there look on for a link to the svn or wait for someone to post it. For example if you look for Ha3's sharp eye mod you wont find it in the SVN links but if you look at and search for Sharpeye it will say it has a SVN. Basically look at the links for a SVN but if it doesnt have it check

Wiremod SVN

This addon is extremely important. People who have this have hundreds if not thousands more building potentials than those who don't. It is so useful, it has it's own website which actually nets revenue for a 'free' project. Now there is a very, very easy way to get this.

Tortoise SVN client

Go to the Tortoise SVN Downloads page. Scroll down and download the appropriate one for you. (If in doubt, choose 32-bit.) Go to this page: Wiremod SVN Download Guide Read Step 4. It tells you the username anonsvn and the password anonsvn as well as an autolink to make the Wiremod SVN automatically download/update to your PC. Make sure the target folder is your garrysmod/addons/ folder, NOT a garrysmod/addons/wiremod/ folder. Hit OK and wait for the download.


This addon is ALSO extremely important. These are props of all kinds which follow a standard building unit not followed by most other building props such as XQM (other than Tiled, which comes with the SVN).

Tortoise SVN client

  1. Go to your addons folder.
  2. Right click in empty space in that folder and hit SVN Checkout.
  3. In the SVN location, paste this address:
  4. Make sure the target location is garrysmod/addons/phx3 and click okay.

Other SVN's

There are more svn's than just Wiremod and PHX3, like spacebuild 3, wire extras, GCX (Garry's Combat), and Stargate. You can find the links to them at the SVN Links page. Some popular ones are available at Glua. Just click the .tar button or .zip to download, and extract to your addons folder. Make sure to look inside all of the readme's for specific directions.

The SBMP is also called "spacebuildmodelpackalpha2" which works for spacebuild 2.

Other Important Addons

Other addons that help out a lot include:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't be a mingebag. Other people like to play the game as much as you should; if you're randomly killing people or abusing/exploiting, chances are people are going to get you banned or get revenge.
  2. Be productive, not laggy. It's pretty easy to think about what is laggy and what isn't. An airboat floating in mid-air through hoverballs isn't productive. An airbase which is not Smart Constrained or No-Collided is laggy. Explosive spam is laggy. It all fits the same description: Stupid, useless, and completely NOT productive or useful.
  3. Do not microphone spam. Microphone spam is defined as but not limited to: Playing music over the microphone, an unwillingness to shut up when you're talking 24-7 and your voice/laughing/personality resembles that of a camel who had burning acid poured all over the inside of it's throat, an unwillingness to shut up when a lot of people want you to, and abusing microphone glitches. DON'T DO IT.
  4. If you are stuck on a contraption you are trying to make. Just ask another person for help.

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