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Common Server Issues

Help, There's (no) PVP damage!

This can be caused by either of two commands: sbox_godmode sbox_plpldamage

To enable PVP
sbox_godmode 0
sbox_plpldamage 0
To disable
sbox_godmode 1
sbox_plpldamage 1

Make sure you put both commands in the garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg file to ensure that the server always runs with your desired settings.

Adding Counter-Strike Source Content

Note: This assumes familiarity with the hldsupdatetool.exe and cmd

Basically you must use the hldsupdatetool in much the same way you installed the Garry's Mod server to install the CS:S content.

Start > Run > cmd

cd "server directory" for example C:\srcds\

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir "server directory"

Once complete, move the cstrike folder into the C:\srcds\orangebox\ folder.

For information on installing content, see the Extra Content section of General Server Setup Information.

Adding EP2 or other content

You need to own the game to use it on your server

You need to extract the GCF file of the game you wish to put on your server (normally located in steam/steamapps/mygame.gcf) You use a program called GCFScape Download You will extract them to your srcds/orangebox/ folder.

Good luck!

Server Crashes on Start

[Needs Update/Fix] Server crashes during loading, or during Startup.

Players Lose Connection On Joining

Download GCFScape( )

Go into your SteamApps directory.

Open "source 2007 binaries.gcf"

Extract engine.dll and steam_api.dll into your servers "orangebox/bin" directory.

Restart your server and enjoy.

Unable to Update GMod Content

[Needs Update/Fix] Gives error of: "Cannot open blob archive file: CMultiFieldBlob<mem-mapped file>: File does not exist and failed to create new file"

Possibly due to folder being read-only.

Invalid steam key size

Valve will hopefully fix this bug.

For Windows servers, this will fix the issue:

Download GCFScape Go into your SteamApps directory. Open "Source 2007 Binaries.gcf" Extract the files "steam_api.dll" and "engine.dll" from the "Bin" directory into your servers "c:\srcds\orangebox\bin" directory. Start your server and enjoy.

When I start the server, I get a SetupArrayProps_R: array prop 'null' is at index 0 error!

See this Facepunch thread for a temporary fix.


Lag can be caused by many things some of them can be fixed via editing the config or the effect minimized.

Fps_max is a command that adjusts the servers frames per seconds raising this will increase the CPU
usage of the server but it will appear smoother. Lowering this will decrease the servers CPU usage but make the game less smooth.
The default is 300 which produces around 250 FPS. I personally set this to 550 usually which produces around 500 FPS.

This is the minimum bandwidth rate allowed. Default is 3500 and you should set this to 20000 as at 20000 most people
can not notice any lag. Increasing this increases smoothness of play but increases network usage. If the network usage is to high the lag may get worse.

Same as minrate but the other way around. Default is 0 and is usually best left at 0 unless you are working with limited bandwidth.

This collects CPU usage information about the server. Not the whole server just what srcds is using.
Default is 1 should be set to 0 as it can limit the proccessing power of
the server so you do not get the max from the hardware with it set to 1.

Minimum commands sent from the client to server. Increasing this can increase the load on the server.
Default is 0.

Maximum commands sent from the client to server.
Decreasing this will reduce load on the server but increase the ammount of noticeable lag. Default is 40. Not usually needed to be changed for most gamemodes.

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