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"Cleverness is not wisdom."
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» There are currently 3,324 Articles. «

I'm working currently on 2 gamemodes, not really Hype-Worthy as of yet, but will be released sometime within the next year when I figure out some more advanced lua to introduce to them.

I usually have my moments with lua, when I can answer almost any question, then I have those moments when I really can't remember ANYTHING.


My Lua Tutorial Series

Notepad-48.png Note: Any episodes without a link, mean there is NO episode created yet

Series 1 (Aiming for an October Completion)

Notepad-48.png Will take request for tutorials to span the gap between Series 1 and 2 up until January 1st

Series 2 (Will not be started until January 2011)

Derma Panels

Series 3 (Probably won't be started until mid-2011)

Notepad-48.png I am undecided as to what this series will teach you about, some opinions on what advanced techniques you would like to see would be nice

To Do

Steam Community Profile

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Lua Scripting